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and sales!

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here is some info to remember when ordering!
- prices are negotiable! if you don't like the price you see make a reasonable offer! 
-prices don't include shipping (unless stated otherwise) & we will ship worldwide!
- If you are unsure about an item and would like an up-close picture, more details, or measurments, just ask!
- we accept paypal(if your paying with paypal, & usually wait for the money to be cleared into my bank acocunt,which takes 6-8 days for Canada,before shipping),money orders and well concealed cash (at your own risk!)
- we also have feedback on ebay under banana_stealing_thugs
- we will delete comments after the transaction has been completed to keep organized

If you'd like to e-mail us it's

PLEASE READ! - I Ship my packages via surface mail. The shipping from Canada seems to be incredibly slow latley, So if you'd like to pay the extra for faster shipping (air mail, express, etc) Just let me know and I will find out the price! Thanks Girls! :)

Thanks so much for visiting my journal, happy shopping girlies!



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